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Use this form to register your tournaments, seminars, or other appropriate events.

Once submitted, an admin will process the request and if approved, post it to the events page. Please read the guidelines below for more information.


This is the information that will be prominently displayed for the event.

This is the name of your event, tournament, or seminar etc.
Your club or organization name, i.e. who's putting on the event.
(Optional) - A brief description of your event, i.e. 'The annual Northen California Regional Qualifiers - All dojo's welcome'


The following location information will show where this event is. On the details page for this event, a map will show the location. Using the mobile app, people can click 'Navigate To' to use the device's navigation app to be directed to your event.

The more accurate the information, the easier it will be for viewers to find your location.


Specify the date and time of the event, as well as optionally upload a pdf format of the event flyer and a thumbnail image for the event as well. You can also add an optional weblink that can direct users to your website or registration page for this event.

(Optional) - Viewers will be able to download this flyer.
(Optional) - This image will be displayed on the 'View Events' page to help your event stand out.
Make sure to include either http:// or https:// at the beginning of the url.
This link should be a registration page, how to register, or more information on the event. Refer to the guidelines below for more information.
Any additional info you may want to provide, i.e. 'For this seminar, please don't forget to bring your gi and referee passport!'

Payment Information

Registering your event requires a $10 registration fee.

Once submitted and paid for, a NCKF admin will review the registration and either approve it, recomend amendments to the submission or reject it using the guidelines listed below.

*This is the three digit number on the back of you card on the signature line.

Submission Guidelines

  • No profanity or foul language*
  • Images and flyers (if provided) must be relevant to the event (no random images).
  • Images and flyers (if provided) must not contain any copyrighted material or exclusive content that you or NCKF does not own or have permission to use (i.e. any USA Karate logos or the Olympic Rings).
  • Weblinks (if provided) must direct the user to a page relevant to this event. Any weblink that isn't an online registration form, information on how to register for the event, or a page about the event will be denied.
  • Web pages from the weblink (if provided) must not contain any malicious behaviors**, nor have any profane content or foul language* of any kind.

Refunds will only be given if a registration is denied. Once approved and posted, a refund for the registration is no longer available.


Karate Referee Association reserves the right to make amendements or suggest amendments prior to posting the event on the site.

If we notice a typo, or see where information may be lacking or confusing, a NCKF admin may make changes or suggest changes to be approved by you prior to posting the event.

The ammendments or suggested ammendments are made to improve the user's experience and the intent is to make your event as relative and engaging as possible.


Karate Referee Association reserves the right to reject any event registration for any reason.

If your event registration was rejected, the fee will be refunded in full, and an email will be sent to the user who submitted the event explaining why.

If multiple events are rejected (for any reason) over a period of time, a NCKF admin may lock out the user from registering any new events for a period of time, or indefinitly.

* Definitions of profanity and foul language are left up to the discression of the NCKF admin reviewing your registration.

** Malicious content is any content from a web page that contains viruses, virus downloads, mal-ware, spy-ware, or any other content deemed inappropriate by the NCKF admin reviewing you registration.

By clicking 'Submit Event for Review', you agree to the terms listed above.

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